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DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM offers rare access to the lives and voices of rural Tibetan women not seen before in a feature documentary. We enter the vibrant community of Kala Rongo, a Buddhist Monastery exclusively for women situated in Nangchen, in remote Kham, Tibet. Here, 300 nuns are receiving spiritual and educational training previously unavailable to them, and radically challenging long-standing social restrictions on their gender. Some are shy, some outspoken, but all are committed to the difficult path they have chosen, and to preserving their rich cultural heritage even as they slowly reshape it.

Life in Kala Rongo is brought into sharp contrast with a visit to a yak herding family, where we witness the daily life of Tibetan laywomen who share their own stories of work and struggle.

The film is an intimate portrait of all of these women, and of their traditional lifestyle transforming through the power of literacy and opportunity.

Appropriate for: Asian Studies, Tibetan Studies, Religious/Comparative Religion Studies, Women's Studies, Anthropology, Ethnographic Studies, Folklore, Education, Oral History, Language Studies

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